This is the incredible story of my dealings with the people at Clarke Manufacturing in Molalla, Oregon.  The story is so outrageous, I wouldn't even believe it myself, if it hadn't actually happened to me.  Clarke makes aftermarket plastic fuel tanks for motorcycles and ATVs.

I owned a motorcycle accessory store in Orange County, CA, mainly specializing in aftermarket products for off-road motorcycles.  We ordered a high capacity desert gas tank from Clarke for a customer's dirt bike.  After the customer installed the tank, he complained that it didn't hold nearly as much gas as Clarke claimed it would.  My store manager called Clarke to straighten it out.  He came to me about it, and said the woman running the business had been extremely rude and difficult to deal with, had refused to even discuss the problem, and had repeatedly hung up on him. 

It seemed incredible to me that anyone would behave so badly over what should have been a very simple matter.  I called Clarke myself and talked to the woman running the "business".  As my store manager had warned me, she was extremely hostile and belligerent, refused to discuss the problem, and hung up on me every time I called her to discuss it.  She insisted the tank would hold the amount advertised.  I personally filled the customer's tank at a gas station, and its capacity wasn't even close to what Clarke claimed it was.  Each time I called, the woman had absurd new claims for why the tank didn't hold the advertised amount of fuel.   She claimed the pumps we were filling it from were off.  She claimed it would "expand" with use and/or with sunlight exposure, to hold the advertised amount.  Any attempt to rationally discuss the problem with this deranged woman resulted in her hanging up on me.

We ended up taking the tank back from the customer, and eating the cost of the tank.   We also never did business again with Clarke.

I would NEVER purchase anything from Clarke, and I strongly recommend against buying Clarke products.  If you need an aftermarket plastic motorcycle or ATV gas tank, there are other good manufacturers to choose from, such as IMS or Acerbis














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