February 7, 2010 - I got this email from Jan Eggenfellner this morning.    Apparently in keeping with his history of irrational business decisions and blaming all problems on the customer, he has chosen to blame me for whatever slowdown his business has taken.  My family has urged me for years to sue Eggenfellner and/or institute a class action suit against him, but it hasn’t been worth the trouble to pursue it.  Perhaps Jan is now proposing to make it worth my while.


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To: Brian Meyette
Subject: Fwd: OK, it is time for you to defend your slander

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Subject: OK, it is time for you to defend your slander

Good morning Brian.

This is your first and last warning.  I have had enough.

I am sure that we are not perfect and that we have made some mistakes up through the years.

I am 100% sure that much of your writing, and links to other peoples writing (Now all copied and printed) do not have 100% factual information.  Much of the information is your own interpolation and that all of it is hurting our companies sales.  Do you really think some of the people you slander to, don't copy me the information?

Here is a sample for you.  A lost sale here, will cost you $5,000


I am searching for an engine option for my (soon) future RV-6A project.  I like most of what I read on the web.

However, I have come across one of your customers named Brian Meyette.  His site stated some very unfavorable things.

A couple of questions for when I make my engine decision:

1.  Are your engines new?  Or are they used auto engines?

2.  Is there a Yahoo group with Subie engines hung on RV6/7 series aircraft?

Very Respectfully;


I have at least 30more of these kinds of letters in my files.  It is time for you to stand trial in Florida.  I will call my attorney and get the process started.  I will file charges of slander and the loss of 50 engines sales due to your actions.  The total will be for $123,000    I am 100% sure I can prove some lost sales, so please add up your loss. 

I will also contact Gary and see if he would like to sue for the damages you have made to his company, claiming the Dan RV-10 had his product in it.  This alone could cost you a lot.  Particularly since the airplane did not have the alleged product in it, and it further highlights your slander, based on speculation.  Nobody is saying the STI engines were perfect, but this will not be about that.

It is clear that you are angry, but it is also clear, from your writing, that many things are not factual, are random speculation, and presented as factual. If you would like to spend the next 3 years in court, traveling to Florida, trying to defend this slander, you are welcome to.  But you will not be successful.  I will bring in all evidence against you, overwhelming support from those that are successful, all information and witnesses from other companies that has informed me they have a hard time dealing with you, etc. 

I am not needing to prove that I, or you, are 100% right.  I will only sue you, based on the fact that some of your information is incorrect, hence painting the wrong picture of our company.  Because your information is very visible, you are financially hurting our company.  Because this, only partially correct information has been visible for so long, the damages are not reversable. 

I will give you 10 days to remove all of the information before we serve papers.  At that point, you will have 30 days to obtain legal counsel in the State of Florida. 

Jan Eggenfellner

Copy sent to Attorney Skip Simpson


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