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I am writing to clarify my complaint, as well as to submit to you additional new information regarding this problem.


While Claremont’s discriminatory policies and the unfairness of the implementation of their use of FAA funds in awarding leases may be obvious, I would like to point out the specifics of this. 


A hangar waiting list has been in effect at CNH for many years.  I have been on this list for nearly 5 years now, and #1 on that list for 2-3 years.  Even if the existing waiting list was to be ignored (which is irrational), I was told, in writing, by Airport Manager Peter Chase that I was #3 on his new waiting list for the new hangars.  The concept of a “race for the leases”, which is how Claremont implemented the awarding of leases for the new FAA-funded hangars, is inherently unfair and discriminatory.


The notification process set up by Claremont officials is inherently unfair and discriminatory.  How are people notified?  By mail?  By phone?  By email?  Who gets notified first and who gets notified last?  What if some people have email and some don’t?  What if some people have voice mail and some don’t?  What if some people receive their mail in the morning and some receive it in the afternoon?  I was notified by email the day after the notification letter was dated.  What if someone did not get their email that morning?  What if someone was at work and didn’t get a notification call or email until they got home that night?  The “race for the leases” only lasted a few hours.  By the end of the day, all 6 hangars were leased.  I received my email notification in an email on the morning of Oct 11.  No mention was made in the email of the fact that the waiting list was being abandoned and that the “race for the leases” had already begun.  In fact, in the email, Peter Chase offered to mail me the lease, thus ensuring that I would not receive it until days after all the leases had been awarded.


The lease review process set up by the Claremont officials is unrealistic, unfair, and discriminatory.  Leases should be given a meaningful and thoughtful review before signing.  A lease is not something a prudent person signs in a frantic rush without reading thoroughly.  Yet, this system engineered by the Claremont officials required that one sign immediately without proper review, or lose the “race”.  I can’t prove whether or not others were given any lease details in advance.  I know I had asked many times, leading up to Oct 11-the day the “race” began, for details of the leases.  These requests were ignored. 


I recently became aware of an even more egregious aspect of Claremont’s discrimination and favoritism.  In addition to all the general inherent unfairness and discrimination described above, the leasing of one of the hangars to Phillip G. Osgood is even more blatant.  Mr. Osgood won second place in the “race for the leases”, and is currently in hangar #2.  Mr. Osgood is a member of the Claremont Airport Advisory Board.  See


The Airport Advisory Board was privy to the terms of the leases before the leases were released to other potential renters.  See





By knowing the terms of the leases in advance, and even having input into their wording, Mr. Osgood enjoyed a substantial unfair advantage over the other “contestants” in the “race for the leases”.  Other insiders may have been given advance information, but Mr. Osgood was obviously given this advantage.  I also strongly suspect that the person who “won” the “race”, Larry Dingee, Hangar #1, was also given insider information about the leases, but I can’t prove it. 


I hope the FAA will not permit Federal Funds to be used as a tool to help the City of Claremont officials reward their friends and punish their enemies in petty local politics.


Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Brian Meyette



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Mr. Meyette:

This email acknowledges receipt of your letter, subject "Unjust Discrimination at Claremont Municipal Airport, Claremont, NH.  Please be advised that a response is forthcoming within the next 30 days.

Thank you for your patience.

LaVerne Reid, Manager
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