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January 3, 2007
Laverne F. Reid, Manager
Airports Division
Federal Aviation Administration
New England Region
12 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01 803
Re: Complaint of Brian Meyette
Dear Ms. Reid:
Your letter dated December 5, 2006 was received by City Manager Guy Santagate on December
8, 2006 and referred to me for response.
I have reviewed your letter and the attached complaint and respond as requested in light of the
requirements of Assurance No. 22 "Economic Discrimination," subsections (a) and (f).
The City of Claremont does not now, nor has it ever during its ownership of the facility,
discriminate against any type, kind or class of aeronautical activity, including commercial
aeronautical activity. Similarly, the City of Claremont does not now, nor has it ever during its
ownership of the facility, prevent any person, firm or corporation operating aircraft on the airport
from performing any services on their own aircraft with their own employees (including, but not
limited to maintenance, repair and fueling) that they may choose to perform.
The City of Claremont offers 3 different types of aircraft hangar accommodations to the public:
lease of shared space in a City-owned hangar; lease of a pad area on which the aircraft owner
may build his or her own hangar subject to local site plan review; and lease of an individual
hangar bay in a City-owned hangar. Leases for hangar space differ based on the type of hangar
being leased or built.
My understanding is that Mr. Meyette has filed his complaint in regards to leasing an individual
bay in the City-owner hangar. I have enclosed a copy of the lease form for your information.
The lease does require that the aircraft stored in the hangar bay be one that is certified and/or
registered under state and federal regulations and places some restrictions on certain activities
within the leased space. However, this lease applies only to the six bays of this one hangar.
The effect of these provisions is to not permit storage of aircraft that are either not certified
and/or registered, to limit the level of mechanical work performed within the 6 individual hangar
bays and to prohibit the 6 individual hangar bays from being used as commercial store fronts.
There are no such requirements or limitations for either of the other two types of aircraft hangar
accommodations currently available at the City's airport or for any other location at the airport,
including owner built and ultra-light aircraft and commercial activities.
For the reasons stated above, the City denies it has discriminated against Mr. Meyette or any
other past, present or potential user of the Claremont City Airport and its facilities.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.
Jane F. Taylor
cc: Guy Santagate
Chief Peter Chase
Mr. Brian Meyette
Mr. Jack Ferns, NHDOT