Jane F. Taylor, JD
Office of the City Solicitor
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Claremont, New Hampshire 03743
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March 5,2007
Laverne F. Reid, Manager
Airports Division
Federal Aviation Administration
New England Region
12 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803
Re: Complaint of Brian Meyette
Dear Ms. Reid:
This is in response to your letter dated February 2,2007, received on February 7.
As referenced in my letter to you dated January 3,2007, the City of Claremont does not limit the
type of aircraft stored or maintained at its airport generally. It does, however, limit the type of
aircraft at its new 6-bay City-owned hangar to certified and/or registered aircraft. This does not
prohibit homebuilt or other experimental or ultralight aircraft so long as they are either certified
and/or registered. According to our airport manager, Fire Chief Peter Chase, one home built
aircraft and one ultralight aircraft currently lease space at other hangars at the Claremont Airport.
The lease requirement for the new 6-bay hangar that limits occupancy to a certified and/or
registered aircraft is related, in part, to the prohibition of fabrication activity within the bays or
this new hangar. Aircraft, including uncertified or unregistered homebuilt or other experimental
or ultralight aircraft, would require fabrication activity to meet FAA airworthiness requirements.
The construction of this particular 6-bay hangar, as approved by the FAA. does not include the
type of electrical, water or fire suppression service that would be required for safe construction,
fabrication or more than routine maintenance of any type of aircraft, including homebuilt,
experimental or ultralight aircraft.
The City does not consider fabrication as including attachment of wings on any aircraft. The
City does consider that fabrication would include gluing, welding, riveting or heat-treating a
portion of the aircraft structure that would involve more than routine or preventative
maintenance, preparation for flight or moving the aircraft to another location by ground
Responding to your final point of inquiry, the City updated its Airport Master Plan in 2005 as
part of an identified need to update and expand Airport services. I understand that Chief Chase
is in the process developing minimum standards as well as rules and regulations for the
Claremont Airport, using those currently in place for the Dillant-Hopkins Airport in Keene, New
Hampshire for guidance.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.
Jane F. Taylor
cc: Guy Santagate
Chief Peter Chase
Mr. Brian Meyette
Mr. Jack Ferns, NHDOT