SEPTEMBER, 2009 - blacks continue to build resentment among whites by whining "racism" every time things don't go their way.   Now they are screaming that Joe Wilson's admittedly out-of-line outburst during Obama's speech to Congress was racist, and that it was all about an attack on Obama because he's black.  Wilson has already apologized to Obama, but the Black Caucus (isn't the concept of that racist in itself?  Imagine their whining if there was a White Caucus) isn't satisfied with that, and they want to censure Wilson in the House.  They claim anyone not supporting further attention to Wilson, instead of the important work they're SUPPOSED to be doing, is racist.   All these things do is increase whites' resentment of blacks and their constant cries of "racism" over everything that doesn't go their way.  See my new RACISM page for more details on all this.

AUGUST, 2009 - Hey, here's a first.  I am totally on the side of the liberals regarding Obama's health care reform.  In fact, in my opinion, his plan isn't going nearly far enough.  They should completely eliminate the private health insurance companies and go to publicly funded health care, just like every other developed country has.  

I DESPISE my health insurance company, Aetna.   My employer and I pay them a lot of money every month.  They're nothing but a bunch of crooks.  They do exactly what their scare tactics say the public option will do; they tell me what doctors I can and can't see and what meds I can and can't have.   Every single visit to a doctor becomes a hassle.  They routinely deny EVERY charge.  They refuse to pay for any preventive care or tests.    I hate to have to go see a doctor about anything, because I know Aetna will try to make up an excuse to avoid paying for it.  The insurance companies provide no benefit at all, and just act as middlemen, adding greatly to health care costs, in order to support their executives' lavish lifestyles. 

Health care should be a fundamental human right in the US, just like education, and should be paid for by our taxes.  Sure, taxes would be more, but many other costs would be much lower, and we'd end up with more money in our pockets.   Just as one small example - did you know that auto makers' health benefit costs add thousands of dollars to the price of every car made in America?   Every US-made product (what few are left) has exorbitant health care cost built into it, thus making our products that much more expensive.  Much of that money is simply going to line the pockets of the insurance companies.

The insurance companies are so crooked and so scared of even a minor change in their monopoly status that they are pulling out all the stops in their disinformation campaign to kill even the OPTION of public health care.  I can't believe people are falling for this crap. Anyone who doesn't think their private insurance isn't already worse than any scare claims made about a public option sure must have a lot better health insurance than I do.

Taxpaying Americans should be able to get the same health care that our liberals already give to illegal aliens.

The idea that health care should be tied to our jobs is absurd.   What could be more irrelevant to our health care than our job?  The way it is now, if someone loses their job, they're double-screwed because they also lose their health care.

For details on how the crooked insurance companies are behind all the health care reform protests, see these links:

For more info on the insurance companies' obscene middleman profits, read this:


Regarding the absurd propaganda notion that a public option to health care reform will result in "death panels" or the equally ridiculous and false "kill Granny" provisions, here is a quote from Joel Stein in Time magazine, August 31, 2009:

"... we already have death panels; they just prefer to go by the name "insurance companies".  Some people get rejected by the death panels because of pre-existing conditions, lifetime-spending caps, or drug co-payments they can't afford.  Others die because they are freelancers and don't have insurance, so they don't go to doctors."

Every bad thing the health insurance reform protestors - sponsored by the health insurance companies - are saying about a public option is exactly what the health insurance companies routinely do.

DETAILS HERE:,9171,1917728,00.html

And regarding drug costs and the crooked drug companies, here is an article showing how their obscene profits can let them afford to pay a 2.3 BILLION dollar fine as simply a cost of doing business:




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