Here are some pictures from the combination Hurricane Wilma + nor'easter that hit us on October 25-26, 2005 with almost a foot of heavy, wet snow while many leaves were still on the trees, especially oaks and apple trees.  The storm took down a lot of valuable trees.


  big cherry fell down overnight, just clipping the corner of the garage, knocking off some of the siding, and blocking access to the garage


  dozens of trees bowed and broken across the road






  numerous trees down on the power line on the RT side of pic






  trees laying on power line on the RT


  a couple of the many trees down on the power lines.  It's scary passing under these, because that has to be thousands of pounds of trees sitting on the lines.  Last night, when I went home, this was the only tree down, and the town had the road barricaded.  A neighbor & I drove around the barricade and he drove under the tree to get home.  I tried, but my van was too tall, so I came back and rode under it with an ATV.   In the morning, all the rest of the trees you see were also down, and these 2 trees (it was 1 here last night) had sagged the line so much nothing could go under it.  I was armed with a chainsaw in the morning, and cut my way down the road to this point.  I was tempted to cut my way through these trees down on the power line, but I decided it was too risky, and I walked out.   Later in the day, a neighbor got sick of being stranded and waiting for the electric company to show up, so he cut a path through all these trees.


  note power line on LT side, going under all these trees.  This is same 2 trees as previous pic, looking back the other way.


  more trees down on the power line - this is all in a quarter mile stretch of road.  My neighbor cut the limbs on these in the afternoon of the 26th, so now we're driving under these trees until the power company shows up.


  more trees piled up on the power line at a pole


  weave around the bowed trees


  nice moderate sized oak, crushed and snapped


  very slippery, even for 4wd