I recently got turned on to the latest and greatest thing since Napster.   And this one is based on a peer to peer network, so there is no single server for the greedy RIAA or MPAA to sue.  It is called Gnutella, and it is a file-sharing network.  You can get a good Gnutella client like BearShare to access the network and share files.  BearShare also has good info about Gnutella on their web site.   Since trying BearShare, I have shared hundreds of MP3 files, and become somewhat more knowledgeable about MP3 files and how they are used.   One thing I have learned, through much trial and error, is that the MP3 music files have identification information inside them, with info like artist, album, cut number, etc.  After trying several loser programs such as MAGIX MP3 Maker and Rosoft Audio Tools, as well as the so-so HPL Software's MP3 Decoder, I finally installed the wonderful program "Tag & Rename" by SoftPointer.  It's a great program!


I use Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum for all my other music file needs; it works great and does everything I need it to.  Read from music or data CDs, write to CDs of all types.  It supposedly even works with video, although I haven't tried that yet.


So, go on!   Download BearShare!   It's easy to use, and you'll be sharing MP3 and other files in no time.  I have several Gigs of music files on my PC alone, and there are thousands of people like me out there on the Gnutella network.