This page is the starting point for my new big interest in aviation.  I got my Private Pilot license at Signal Aviation, Lebanon, NH in May, 2002, and I've been flying every chance I get.  I have also been taking aerobatic flying lessons at EFA in Bedford, MA.  

I passed on a good deal to own 50% of a Sundowner, in order to build my own plane; one that will be high performance and aerobatic rated. 

I recently ordered a kit from Van's for their RV-7A     

I will log my progress on the plane as an entire sub-site  HERE

Also, see my HANGAR page


Here is an outstanding picture of a jet breaking the sound barrier.


 Here is a wild design.  I took this picture at Oshkosh 2002.  I also saw this featured on Discovery Wings Channel.  Very cool aircraft!  Claims to take off like a helicopter and cruise at 300 mph.  It's a CarterCopter.  You can't really buy one now, but maybe in the future.....  If I could buy one now, perhaps I'd have gotten one of them instead of an RV-7A. Much more expensive than Van's, though.


      Here is another wild design, from Oshkosh 2003.  It's sort of a gyrocopter with wings.  The fan lifts it up, then when it tilts forward, the wings become level, and it flies away.


    And since I seem to be showing my favorite ultimate plane from each year's AirVenture, here is truly a dream plane, from Oshkosh 2004.  I am not sure if it's a real plane or a mockup, but it SURE is COOL!  It's a Javelin, by Aviation Technology Group.  They also had a very cool (and different-looking) model at OSH'03, but the pics I got of it then weren't as good.  They had a new mockup or prototype at OSH '05.   2009 UPDATE: they went bankrupt in May, 2008 - too bad.  As of November 5, 2007, there were 153 positions on the waiting list for the plane - they probably all lost their money.  Cool aircraft is a risky place to be.

The VIPERJET is also a very cool dream plane.  They do have one flying, I believe.  The L-39 is also very cool.  Both these jets have incredible fuel flow rates.

Go here to see some of my favorite plane pics.

Click HERE to see a series of great pics of airports around the world


May, 2008 update:   I'd been quite interested in getting a Light Sport plane while I continue to build my RV-7A.  Unable to find any local instructors for these types of planes, I flew to Deland, FL, north of Orlando, and took a week's transition training in the LSA of my choice, a Quad City Challenger II.   On the way back from Florida, I stopped off in NC and bought a very nice used Challenger II.

  Karla and I at our hangar with the Challenger II.  This plane is a TOTAL blast to fly!   As of the end of 2009, I had a couple hundred hours in it.




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