ENGINE WORK  July, 2009


July 2 - haven't been to the hangar to work since June 5 and unfortunately most likely won't get there this week, either.  Next week for sure.

July 8 - a reporter from the local paper, the Valley News, came out to the hangar and interviewed me about my project.   Ran engine & tweaked SDS settings some.  0.5 hr

July 9 - I just found out Blue Mountain Avionics, makers of the EFIS/One and my autopilot, the second most expensive components of my plane besides the Eggenfellner fiasco, has gone TU.  Their web site says this:

Well, it's been fun.  We developed a whole new class of machine, started an industry, dominated it, and are now leaving it.  BMA will be ceasing production and spinning down.  The best way to contact us is via email: support@bluemountainavionics.com .   Please don't call, since the office is not staffed on a scheduled basis.  We'll still be around to service, support and assist as time permits, homebuilders helping other homebuilders, but BMA is essentially closed.  This website is paid up and will be around for a few years at least, and there is some hope (and a fond desire) that we may return to full production when the economy recovers.  Database updates are still be available on this site, and service, maintenance and repairs are still available for all BMA products.  We are actively seeking someone to buy the code and continue development.  If your interested, please email.

I just want to die.   This does NOT help with the motivation I've been trying to resurrect on this plane.    For just what I have spent on FWF and BMA alone, I could have bought a very nice used plane.

July 12 - article about my project runs in the local paper.  I saved it as a DOC file and a PDF.

July 23 - while I've been coming to the hangar most every day, I've just been flying and doing maintenance on the Challenger, plus been busy with work and a special MS Access project for a friend.   Zilch on the RV.   I'm trying hard to get going on the plane.   I just need to force myself to start doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING on the RV to get back into it.    Karla and I are leaving tomorrow for a week at AirVenture Oshkosh.   Ran engine awhile & made some notes & queried SDS about a couple questions   0.5 hr

HERE are pics I took at OSH09 of the Maxwell Subaru engine and the Geared Drives PSRU they're using.  I couldn't help also throwing in a pic of the super-cool BD-5J.


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