ENGINE WORK  May, 2005

May 1 - Started thinking about how I'm going to get this engine mounted.   Removed remaining screws in crate holding the wiring and other accessories in place.  The first thing I will need to do is GET THE MAIN GEAR MOUNTED, to support this thing when the engine and nose gear get installed.  I also need to get an engine hoist on order.   I can't rent one, because I expect I'll be using it over quite a few days, getting the engine mounted.  I was going to order one from good ole Harbor Freight, but then I looked on ebay and found a guy in Nashua, NH, about 2 hr away, selling them quite cheap, plus no tax or shipping.  So, for awhile, I'll be back on the fuselage pages, getting the main gear, wheels, tires, brakes, etc installed.  0.5 hr

May 3 - Today, Jan just casually dropped this little bombshell on the discussion list, in response to a question about RV-10 engines:  The STI engines are on hold until more of those sold are flying.  The H-6 is in full production and could become an RV-10 engine with 34" of MAP (Normalized+) and larger coolers.  This doesn't exactly give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I queried Jan about it.  Jan replied with It is just not going to be built for the next batch or two until more are flying, so I can help builders like you and others into the air.  The H-6 is a very simple engine compared to the STI.  The STI has, however, a lot of potential.  Intercoolers and cog-belt supercharger pulleys are now being tested for max performance.  You should see this as a good thing and not something to be nervous about.  Well, I hope everything works out OK.  It sounds like Jan is trying to do the right thing.

May 4 - received and assembled the engine stand I got on ebay from tools-for-you.  Can't beat that deal, especially for anyone in New England; $135 for a 2 ton crane, and no shipping cost, other than the gas to drive to Nashua & pick it up.  1.5 hr

  Here is the engine crane, as it came in 2 boxes.


  Didn't take too long to put the hoist together.  Directions were about useless, but did include a barely readable poor drawing, so that was all I needed.


May 5 - Announcement from a user on the Eggenfellner list - Surprise! He is no longer shipping the 2.5 package.  They are streamlining operations since most of the demand is for the H-6.  And Jan's reply:  For now, yes, that is true [you won't be doing any more 2.5 SC for RV-9s?]. The H-6 is the engine we now use for this engine batch. 

May 30 - Spent considerable time pondering how to lift and flip the engine safely.  It's currently standing on its back, with the aft end down.  When I lift it, I'll have to rotate it 90 degrees as it comes up.  I'll have to be careful to not let the exhaust pipes get damaged.  Spent some time working with my motorcycle gear (adjustable tiedown straps) and rock climbing gear (carabiners and slings), thinking about the forces involved and planning how I can safely and securely lift & rotate the engine.  You can't just roll it up, because that'll damage the exhaust pipes.  It has to be lifted, so the pipes will clear the ground, then rotated so the top of the engine is up.  I still have lots of work before I can mount it, though; nose gear leg mounting, subpanel ribs cut & rivet, and rivet the firewall panel in.  Sanded nose gear insert on engine frame to remove powder coating at the ends and general roughness throughout the inside.  I'll need to extend the sanding wheel to get all the way through the frame housing.