ENGINE WORK  September, 2008

Sep 12 - received my new supercharger sprocket from Motion Industries in MI.

Sep 15 - not much progress on the RV - lots of competing activities, including going to Maryland & DC for a week, to get the training & certification to perform the annual inspection on my Challenger II LSA.  I've been flying the Challenger at every opportunity.  It sure is a blast!

Sep 17 - installed new supercharger pulley onto supercharger.  Noted that supercharger will no longer mount because of extended nose with TranTorque bushing.  I'll have to relocate the Moroso overflow tank.  Also noted that new pulley and bushing weight several times as much as the original pulley (I'm guessing 5+ pounds vs old 1 pound).  I may put the pulley into my lathe and mill out more of the inside of it; it's way too thick and heavy; my fault - I wrote the spec for it.  New pulley is about 0.6" larger diameter than old one, so I'll have to move the supercharger mount inboard 0.3" to accommodate it.  Reinstalled crank pulley and torqued it to 133 foot pounds.  Reinstalled alternator & set belt tension.  Installed SDS MAP module.  Labeled SDS ECU parts.  3.5 hr

  Here is the old pulley on the left and the new one, with the TranTorque bushing installed, on the RT.  The new one has MUCH thicker walls than needed.  I may chuck the pulley up into my lathe and machine out some of the excess material on the inside.  I neglected to think about weight when I specced the pulley dimensions.


  Here is the new SC pulley, installed with the TranTorque bushing onto the supercharger.

Sep 18 - mount SDS ECU.  Had to trim the display cable and I still get some interference with the brake reservoir line.  I'll probably have to redo the reservoir line with a longer one.   Drained engine coolant and installed SDS water temp sensor.  Worked on wiring main SDS harness to MAP.  2.0 hr

Sep 21 - An Eggenfellner customer with single cam supercharged 2.5L engine announces he's is selling it.  None of the usual problems, but he says the max speed his RV-7A will get with it is 155 knots.

Sep 25 - work on SDS harness & planning  2.0 hr

Sep 27 - Spent a hugely inordinate amount of time milling a special mount for the SDS inlet air temp sensor.  The old sensor mounted by screws, so I just fastened the sensor to a thin cover plate and mounted the plate (see here ).  The new one needs to thread into something, so I had to make something much thicker, at least at the area where the sensor screws in, but it would be ridiculous to make the whole thing that thick.  4.0 hr

  milling the adapter from a solid bar of 1/2" aluminum.  Since my mill is not NC, going around the thick round part with a ball end mill was slow and tedious, visually following the blue line by using the x and y axis controls; hence the "notchy" look

Sep 28 - finished making the adapter for the inlet air temp sensor for the SDS ECU.  2.0 hr

  After a couple more hours of milling, drilling, tapping, cutting, shaping, etc, here is the finished inlet air temp sensor mount bracket, ready to be installed.  It was 6+ hours labor; although I enjoyed making it.

Sep 30 - redid SDS harness MAP sensor mounting.  I didn't like the way I did it the first time.  Installed inlet air temp sensor & adapter into intercooler  1.5 hr


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