FUSELAGE  April, 2010



April 15 - I've been in California sine the first of the year.   Returned to NH a couple days ago.  Found and cleaned up some of a mysterious oily film/residue all over the cabin floor that had appeared while I was gone.  1 hr

April 23 - more cleaning up oily residue and trying to track down its source.   Because it had sat all winter and had spread evenly throughout the cabin floor, it was quite difficult to tell what type of leak it was or where it originated.   I'd initially thought it might have come from the gas tank I had sitting in the passenger's seat.  I had a couple other people come in and look at it.  I finally figured out that it was brake fluid, and that it had come from the LT pilot brake line.  It was hard to find, because it was such a low volume.  The brake fluid reservoir didn't even seem to be down.  Tightened nut and put down a sheet of white paper to detect any further leaking.  Also worked on some avionics wiring and peeled the blue protective sheets off the tail.  3 hr