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July 19, 2010 - Read THIS Washington Post article about how "birth tourism" and having "anchor babies" has become an industry for people who are taking advantage of the loophole in our constitution and immigration laws.  This insanity is getting WAY out of hand and needs to be stopped.  More HERE, including this wonderful quote - "almost one out of 10 births in the U.S. is to an illegal alien mother"

July 15, 2010 - From the L. A. Times:

1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.

2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.

4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.

6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.

7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.

8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.

9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.

10. In L.. A. County, 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.

11. Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare.

12. Over 70% of the United States' annual population growth (and over 90% of California , Florida , and New York) results from immigration.

13. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

14. We are fools for letting this continue.


July 9, 2010 - Go HERE to contribute to the Arizona Governor's Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund.  This fund is being used to fight the US government's lawsuit against Arizona's common-sense law making it an Arizona crime to be an illegal alien.  See HERE for a FAQ that addresses the disinformation campaign against the new law.

July 2, 2010 - Read THIS report about how illegal aliens cost us $113 Billion a year.

June 30, 2010 - THIS is how the Odummy administration deals with illegal aliens.  Instead of blocking the illegals, they warn US citizens to stay away from the areas used by the criminals.

June 24, 2010 - The incredible outrageous coddling of illegal aliens continues to grow.   Now the Odummy administration is spending our tax money advertising their program to make sure illegal aliens aren't getting short-changed on their wages.  Offered in Spanish, of course.  Details HERE.

See a great letter HERE that pretty well sums up the illegal aliens and the people supporting them.

June 22, 2010 - Mexican invasion and takeover of US border property continues to grow.   See details HERE.  They are even threatening to kill American law enforcement officials who get in their way, as they do in Mexico.   Details HERE.

June 17, 2010 - The US has effectively ceded US National Wildlife Refuge lands to illegal Mexicans.   No mention of this on CNN, and it's been going on for 4 years now.   Read about it HERE.   And read HERE about how our taxes are paying for making illegal alien detention centers more comfortable for the outlaws.

  How's THIS grab you?  Outrageous?   Faked?  Not so.  It was done by a bunch of Mexican high school students in Montebello, California.

  Yep, pretty funny, eh?   The Mexican-"Americans" in this country and their blind support for their illegal alien friends and relatives is getting more and more out of hand every day.

May 6, 2010 - think you've heard the most outrageous stories regarding the mostly-Mexican illegal aliens and their supporters?  Check out THIS STORY from Fox News (ignored, of course, by liberal CNN).

April 26, 2010 - THANK YOU ARIZONA - Arizona finally does what the Hispanic-catering Federal government refuses to do; take action against the ever-increasing horde of primarily Mexican illegal aliens pouring over the border.  They've made it a state crime to be an illegal alien in Arizona.   Of course, most (but definitely not all, from the comments I've read online) Hispanics and their liberal supporters are already whining, protesting, and asking their pal Obammy to step in and fight the law.  See HERE for a FAQ that addresses the disinformation campaign against the new law.

Here's an email going around that pretty well sums up how outrageous the illegal alien situation has become.

April 4, 2009 - unbelievable, but apparently true - see what the left fringe wants to do for illegal aliens - click HERE for CNN report


FEB, 2009 UPDATE - I've been bitching about H-1Bs since the late 1990s.  The subject is getting more publicity now, especially in the current economic situation.  See HERE for detailed info on current status.

Join NumbersUSA today "for lower immigration levels" (and sensible immigration laws)

Many Hispanics say anyone is a racist if they disagree with the Hispanics' beliefs that all borders should be eliminated and all the illegal aliens should be given full US citizenship rights, while refusing to adopt our language or culture.   Total crap, and in fact "reverse racism" in itself.   I used to respect Hispanics as hard working people, but the more they bitch, whine, and express their outrageous immigration views, the more people like me resent them.   Our border and immigration laws need to be enforced!

=> note my comments below about corporate greed screwing all Americans (except the elite 1%) - from the high vantage point of 2009, it looks like I knew what I was talking about!


12/01/04 - see articles in USA Today and Technology Review about how the H-1B program is being increased again.  The USA Today article included a chart showing the number of H-1B visas issued each year.  In 1999, they ramped it up from 65,000 to 100,000.  Then, in typical government bungling and poor planning, they jumped it up to 200,000 in 2001, just in time for the dotcom meltdown and the economy going to hell.   Then they left it there through the period of our worst economy, and dropped it back to 65,000 just a few months ago, as the economy is picking up a bit.  This story, reported in BizReport, also mentions the large number of foreign graduate students as a reason for increasing the H-1B quotas.  That in itself is outrageous; each foreign student at a US college is displacing an American student.  Then, the greedy, corrupt corporations and their lackeys in Congress have the audacity to turn around and use that as a reason why we should hire the foreign graduate students here.

Time magazine reported 6/28/04 that 1.3 million new jobs were created between Q1'03 and Q1'04, and that TWENTY SIX PERCENT of those jobs went to NON-CITIZENS.  We've really got to wake up and end this.  Call or write your Congressman regularly.

2004 update = "Outsourcing" has become as big a problem as the H-1B situation.  More and more companies are outsourcing all their IT needs to India.  And from everything I read, it's getting exponentially worse every day.  Time did a cover story March 1, 2004 about all the tech jobs going to India.  It's time we did something about this.  The solution is so simple that even the stupid politicians should be able to figure it out.   Just stop allowing companies to deduct overseas labor costs.  That'll put an immediate stop to it.

Oct, 2003 - after years of me complaining fruitlessly to my Congressman, who's firmly in the pocket of the big corporate donors, and no one giving a damn about the H1-B situation, the news media is finally starting to mention this.  Time did a story on it Aug 4, 2003.  My local paper did a story about it a couple weeks ago.  The CBS Evening News featured it on Oct 22, 2003.  It's pretty ironic that the story on CBS News' web site is sponsored by an array of sleazy immigration lawyers.  Now, if only LAWYERS were being supplanted by cheap foreign labor, then we might have something!


Have you ever heard of H-1B visas?  It is not about immigration; it is about temporary foreign workers brought to this country to alleviate hi tech "worker shortages".  In practice, it usually means hiring foreign workers at lower wages than American workers.  The program is pushed by the usual mix of greedy, crooked corporations, the politicians in their pockets, and sleazy lawyer groups like the American Immigration Lawyers Association.  The law says these temporary workers are to be paid full American wages, but most of them are not.  The law also says the H-1B workers are not to displace American workers.  I know of many cases where companies have had their IT employees train H-1B workers, then the Americans get laid off, while the H-1Bs remain.  

The sole reason the corporations try so hard (including millions in campaign contributions) to bring the H-1Bs in is so they can pay lower wages.  Even though pay rates are shrouded in maximum secrecy, I have personally seen evidence of H-1B workers in my field getting paid as little as 25% of the going rate for Americans doing the same job.  The corporations are too short-sighted and greedy to invest the same effort into training Americans.  

Even though we were in a deepening recession throughout 2001, and hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their jobs in 2001, especially after Sept 11, the government and their special interest supporters continue to bring in more H-1B foreign workers.  Get more details on this shameful screwing of the American worker at the H-1B web site

2002 was even worse than 2001, and unemployment, particularly unemployment in the IT field, continues to rise in 2003.  The H-1B program, and its even worse relative - the L-1 program, continue to bring in more and more foreign nationals as temporary, non-immigrant high tech workers to displace American workers.  See these important links for more details:

H-1B Shame  - up-to-date news on the shameful H-1B situation

National Association for the Employment of Americans

TORAW - The Organization for the Rights of American Workers

American Workers Coalition/H-1B Protest


Hire American Citizens

Federation for American Immigration Reform

U.S. Border Control

American Reformation Project




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