or "It's a 2-way street, folks!"

Any racism is stupid and bad, but it seems we've developed into a situation where racism by white people is the worst thing imaginable, deplored by everyone, yet overt racism by minorities (exploited to the max by a couple minorities in particular) is perfectly OK.  Well, it isn't OK, regardless of who is practicing it.


May, 2012 - Here's a really good one - because, as it admits in the article,  1 in 3 black men and 1 in 6 Hispanic men will be incarcerated during their lifetime, compared to 1 in 17 white men, the EEOC wants to cut back on criminal background checks of prospective employees, because it "unfairly" highlights the propensity of blacks and hispanics for crime.   Well, maybe if blacks and Hispanics weren't doing 6 and 3 times, respectively, as much crime as whites, they wouldn't have the hiring problem.

And now that some FACTS are coming out in the Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, as opposed to the hysterical hype, as well as media and physical attacks by the press and the blacks, it's becoming clear that George Zimmerman really did defend himself against an attack by Martin:


April, 2012 - just as mentioned below, compare all the media and liberal howling about the case of Treyvon Martin, who attacked "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman, who then had to defend himself against the thug Martin beating his head into the sidewalk, to some of the following cases: = black mob attacks and severely beats a white man because he's white - but no "hate crime" here = a couple black thugs attack a white teen solely because he's white  = a gang of blacks attack a 78 year old man solely because he's white - but no hate crime here, eh?


June 5, 2010 - a recent killing and dragging of a black man by a white man has prompted cries for investigating it as a "hate crime".   Isn't killing someone kind of a hateful thing to do, anyway?   Isn't it odd how eagerly the authorities will pursue the "hate crimes" classification when it's a white killing a black, yet completely ignore it when it's blacks killing whites, even in the most egregious cases such as the incredibly brutal rape, torture, mutilation, and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by a gang of black scums?  The murders of Christian and Newsome went unreported by all the major media outlets, yet the recent killing of a black man by his white drinking buddy is being howled about as a "hate crime".

May 6, 2010 - think you've heard the most outrageous stories regarding the mostly-Mexican illegal aliens and their supporters?  Check out THIS STORY from Fox News (ignored, of course, by liberal CNN).   When you get sick of reading the daily reports of outrageous racism by the Hispanics, HERE is an example of it by the blacks.  The worst thing is that such egregious examples seem to occur with increasing frequency.

January, 2010 - see HERE for a refreshingly honest view of current race relations in the US, by Pat Buchanan.  See HERE for more "whitey need not apply".   Can you imagine the howling from the usual agitators and rabble-rousers if these recruiting documents had said "must be white"?

HERE is Fred Reed's take on Affirmative Action.

Click HERE for Fred's take on the following story about racist Professor Henry Louis Gates.   I'd say much the same (minus the reparations issue) about Hispanics and, to a lesser extent Arabs & Muslims, with regard to their yanking out the "prejudice" card every time things don't go their way. 

JULY, 2009 - it's the same old story again with racist blacks with a huge race chip on their shoulder.  Henry Louis Gates, a man I previously respected, gets arrested in Cambridge.  Cops are called to his house about a possible break-in.  Gates is there.  As any normal person would expect, police want to ID any person they find there, to make sure it's not a perpetrator.  Does Gates cooperate with police and show ID?  No, he immediately whips out his race card and starts screaming in ghetto-speak about the white devil slavemasters.  He continues on his rant until he gets his dumb ass arrested.  Obama immediately gets involved in a local issue he knows nothing about, comes to the aid of a fellow black, and pronounces that the Cambridge Police "acted stupidly".   No, President Obama, they did not act stupidly; FIRST GATES DID, THEN YOU DID.

Most of the story feedback I've read indicates that most people feel the same as I do about this story.   Unfortunately, I did not have time when the story was breaking to save all those comments, as I did with the Delonas story (see below).  Any time a cop encounters a crime scene or possible crime scene, he's going to want to sort out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

It sounds to me that, like many if not most blacks, Gates is so racist and so race-obsessed (he is a professor of African-American studies, after all) that he started the whole thing by immediately whipping out the "race card". Early reports when he was first arrested said he initially refused to provide identification and immediately accused the cop of "harassing a black man in America". The reason the cop was there was because a neighbor had called in about a possible burglary in progress. So  the cop is going to want to confirm for sure that anyone present is not a criminal, REGARDLESS OF RACE. Then, after setting a bad tone with the cop, Gates continued on his racist rant until he got his dumb black ass arrested. I've had a similar circumstance, only probably worse behavior on the part of the cop, without the arrest, but it was just the circumstances in my case, not race, same as in this case.

And for Obammy to jump in, along with the liberals, and immediately agree that it's a race issue, just adds to the resentment whites have of blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities who are so eager to whip out the race card any time things don't go their way. Sometimes in life things don't happen as we'd like, and race has nothing to do with it.

If Gates had been cooperative in the first place, and not had the racist chip so readily available on his shoulder, none of this would have happened.



2/18/09 = Combining two of today's stories, where cops had to shoot a berserk chimp, and the rollout of the dubious "Demo-rats only", "unread by anyone" stimulus bill that could have been written by a monkey, Sean Delonas of the New York Post made this cartoon:

People made monkey jokes about Bush for years, and this joke isn't even ABOUT Obama, as anyone with half a brain and capable of independent thought can see.  It's (rightfully) about CONGRESS!

So, the usual "the world is so racist against me" morons like Al Sharpton and other blacks started screaming about how terribly racist this cartoon is.   The reason white America hates Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and people like them is not because they're black.  It's because they're race-baiting, self-serving, loud-mouthed racists who constantly try to stir up racial unrest and keep their names in the news.  Face it, without racism, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are nobodies.   So, they keep the pot stirred with outrageous claims like this.   It helps fuel black racism by agitation.  It helps fuel white racism by increasing whites' resentments.  What's even worse is the way the stupid Politically Correct liberals jump on the bandwagon and agree that it's racist.

The only thing that's racist here is minorities who are first & foremost racist as hell, and second scream racism every time something doesn't go their way.  It's just like the Hispanics who say anyone is a racist if they disagree with the Hispanics' beliefs that all borders should be eliminated and all the illegal aliens should be given full US citizenship rights, while refusing to adopt our language or culture.   I used to respect Hispanics as hard working people, but the more they bitch, whine, and express their outrageous immigration views, the more people like me resent them.  

Then our new black (and rabidly anti-Second Amendment) Attorney General said the US is a racist nation and we're "a nation of cowards".   Then he hinted at the return of Affirmative Action and racial quotas.   I can see where this is going.   Also, it's very ironic that he said we're cowards about talking frankly about race.  This big protest over the cartoon is exactly why.  Blacks and other minorities can say anything they please, but whites can't say anything without being accused of being "racist".

We've elected a black President and we have a black Attorney General, and all these idiots can do is bitch about how racist everything is.  If we were as racist as the race-baiters claim, we would not have elected a black President.

Racist minorities who think it's OK for them to be as racist as they please, go around with a racist chip on their shoulder, look for imagined "racism" under every rock and in every story, and claim that anyone who disagrees with their outlandish opinions that, as a minority, they should have special rights, only increase the resentment of white males like me against them.

I don't give a rat's ass what color someone's skin is, but I do judge people by their behavior, and I'm damn sick of the minorities and their whining, reverse racism, and special treatment.   I'm sick of the racial double standard.  Don Imus was fired for far less than what blacks say about whites every day.  If a black had said what Imus had said, it would have been nothing.  Black comedians routinely make jokes about whites, and that's ok.  They frequently portray whites as square, uptight, clumsy doofuses, and get away with it.  But let a white comedian say something that some black idiot looking for racism in everything decides is racist and see what happens.    If what that moron New Orleans mayor said about wanting New Orleans to be a "chocolate city" had been said by a white person wanting a "vanilla city", loud-mouthed agitators like Sharpton would still be screaming about it years later.    And then the weak people and politically-correct liberal fools knuckle under to the outrageous demands of these whiners, and they get away with it.

Just my opinion?   Not so - here are comments from others, from CNN, all saying the same thing I am:

1.  PHIL - Not only did the cartoonist clearly not intend to attack Obama specifically (anyone who has been within fifty feet of a news source over the past few weeks knows that he didn't write the stimulus package), it takes dedicated effort to find offense in this cartoon. This goes beyond hypersensitivity into the realm of the irrational. I'm disappointed that a columnist whom I usually admire would take such a puzzling turn. Projecting offensive intent in order to have something to write about is beneath you.

You chose what lens to use. A million things can be offensive if you want them to be, but are not intended to be and are not in any sort of objective analysis. What is the future of racism in this country: mutual understanding, acceptance and reconciliation or a bunch of old race warriors scanning every action for some hint of offense with which to keep themselves relevant?

Take offense where it is actually intended, not where you want it to be

2.  FREEDOM OF SPEECH - Has anyone thought about the fact that many people compared George W. Bush to a chimp/monkey based on his goofy facial expressions? If everyone goes up in arms every time something comes close to being racist or a racial slur then we wont have time in this country to work at making it better. If the comic claims it wasn't a racial stab and is an upstanding citizen, let him apologize for the UN-intended slight, accept it, and move on.

3.  MENTOR397 - Why is it okay to portray a president as a monkey for eight years but not his successor? Is this not an example of reverse racism right here?

4.  BRAD - I'd like to add that if the cartoon had said "They'll have to find someone else to SIGN the next stimulus bill" rather than "WRITE", I'd wholeheartedly agree to a racist motive. But that just isn't the case.

5.  LEON - Read the caption. It's not about who signed the stimulus bill, it's about who wrote it. Get a grip on reality. Anyone can infer what they want.

6.  CALEB - People need to stop being so paranoid about racism. This was not racist, if your too ignorant to put together the two stories; one of a mad chimp and the other of a congress full of monkeys (which by the way i must be referring to Burris or any other political figure of color who would be affiliated with the stimulus bill) I mean people need to grow up and stopping making everything about race, this is the 21st century.

7.  STEVE - Do you really think Obama wrote the stimulus bill? This is Reid and Pelosi's baby. Not Obama. If the cartoon said "sign" instead of "write" I would agree with you completely but this is a real stretch.

8.  STEPHEN DOMINGUEZ - I'm not so sure I agree with this assessment, but I do think it's become too easy and predictable to play the race card. I think the editorial cartoon is more an indictment against against the real authors of this bill: Congress. Even a grade-schooler is taught the three branches of government, and the president is part of the executive branch. The legislative branch has an entirely different responsibility. I suggest you go back to school and revisit who actually writes legislation before dealing the card that everyone is sick of hearing about.

At work it's not uncommon to hear the sarcastic phrase: "a monkey could do your job..." Only an idiot with a racial agenda would take offense and miss the irony. Given the debate about the intelligence that went into this bill, I think monkeys should be insulted that we compared them to our congressmen.

9.  BILL - It is time for Sharpton, Martin and any other person, black or not, that thinks the world revolves around the plight of the African American in the United States, to stop asking for special attention. Racism will only go away when race truly doesn't matter. Inferring insults when insults truly aren't implied doesn't help the cause.

10.  THESWAMI - I thought it was funny and the humour was clearly aimed at the author(s) of the stimulus bill, regardless of who they are.  Sharpton et al need to get over themselves.

11.  JIMR - Ah, here we go. Wondered when this would start. So you're saying that this administration is off limits to the same parodies that wouldn't have raised an eyebrow in any previous administration. Just because they used a monkey immediately makes an attack on Obama. I think not! The meaning is that any monkey could have written that bill. I wondered how long it was going to take censorship of free speech was going to rear its ugly head with this administration just because the President is an African-American. We are treading on dangerous ground here people. We are continuing to keep the wounds open by interpreting ANY editorial attack on this administration as racist. This cartoon clearly was not. And continued attempts at censorship are only going to make the situation far worse.

12.  LINDA - Oh come on, how many times was George Bush compared to a chimp? Or worse. He was repeatedly compared to Hitler and you didn't hear the media complaining about that. Must be a slow news day.

13.  JOEY - It's moronic to think that EVERY reference to an ape or gorilla is a racist remark. What's next? Banning "Gorillas in the Mist"? Last I heard, Obama didn't write the stimulus bill, Congress did, so trying to tie this OBVIOUS reference to the Connecticut story to the President is a VERY VERY big stretch.
As for tying the Connecticut story and the stimulus bill story together, not everyone thinks the way the bill was handled was done with a lot of intelligence and thought, so it's not as hard to bridge the gap as you may think. There's a large part of the country that doesn't positively credit Obama for every single thing that happens in this nation, you know.


 and these comments about Holder's statement:

Alfred in Virginia writes, "Holder's comments inflame unnecessarily and are counter productive to his desired goal ..."

Lou in Florida says, "You and Holder are idiots! The only cowards are those in the media who feel an urge to be politically correct. This country elected a person of multiple ethnicity to its highest office. What more does this country have to do to demonstrate our color blindness?"

Jerry in Massachusetts: "Holder's speech was divisive and plays right into the hands of people who benefit from keeping us all divided."