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Bill Clinton, and now Barak Obama - world's greatest gun salesmen;  read interesting insight here:

Read the whole thread for more insights on what even the whisper of a BAN does to gun-related sales.  Everything said back in 2008 is doubly true now in 2013.  Numbskull liberals just don't get it, and they've been eagerly awaiting a tragedy like Sandy Hook to exploit.   Gun people respond by buying FAR more guns and ammo than they ever would have otherwise. 



Why is it that none of the disturbed and evil men, who steal guns, then go and kill movie-goers and children in school, have ever been identified as a conservative NRA member?

Ft Hood~~~ Registered Democrat ~ Muslim

Columbine ~~~ Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals

Virginia Tech ~~~ Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~ Registered Democrat

Colorado Theater ~~~ Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal

Connecticut School Shooter ~~~ Registered Democrat; hated Christians

Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats." INTERESTING, isn't it?



December 18, 2012 - with the shooting tragedies last week, especially the one in CT, all the anti-gun nuts are crawling out from under their rocks to promote anti-gun hysteria.   GunsAmerica has posted a White House petition HERE in support of a reasoned, intelligent response to the shootings.   Please sign the petition.

Gun shops are selling even more guns and ammo now than right after the 2008 election.  I went to Riley's Saturday, the day after the shooting, and it was wall-to-wall, shoulder-to-shoulder people buying up everything they could, in anticipation of more hysterical anti-gun legislation.  NICS was severely backed up all day.  It took almost an hour just to get out with my purchases.  HERE is Fox News' summary.

The media, except Fox News, has been on a huge anti-gun bandwagon ever since the CT shootings.  All day, all night, yapping about more gun control.  They interview Bloomberg and similar nuts, but of course never anyone from the NRA, GOA, etc.    Of course in between the words, even they admit no new laws would have prevented the CT tragedy, but they just gloss over that and whine about needing more bans.



July, 2012 - check out THIS news - just wonderful!!   Who better to support the NRA and fund a shooting camp than the anti-gun nuts of Chicago?

I recently found out that bird bombs, as well as other "specialty" 12 gauge rounds, are now illegal.  I shot off the remainder of my supply of bird bombs last year and had been planning to get more.  When I went to get them, I found out they'd been banned.   More stupidity from the Feds run amok, as part of the "illusion of security" charade.  Like somebody is going to go into a bank and say "Give me all your money, or I'm going to scare away all your birds!"   Not only were bird bombs really cool for New Years Day and July 4 when fired straight up, they were super at scaring away any bears that were hanging around the house too much.

At least in NH, we can still get pretty cool fireworks, up to 3" mortars, at least for now.  We can also still get black powder, so I've been getting into black powder cannons, which are quite a "blast"  ;-)


May, 2009 - The ammunition situation has only become worse.  It's a self-perpetuating thing - as more & more people stock up on MUCH more ammo than they used to buy, in anticipation of shortages and forthcoming bans, it becomes harder and harder to get, prompting more and more people to buy and hoard every box of ammo they can find.  Obama sure has become the world's greatest guns and ammo salesman!

=> see HERE for when a .50 BMG just doesn't quite cut it!

April, 2009 - Five months after the election, Obama has greatly surpassed Bill Clinton as the world's greatest gun salesman.  Part of Obama's unintended "economy stimulus" package has been to hugely increase America's guns and ammo buying binge.  "Black" guns are commanding premium prices, and guns shops are immediately sold out of everything they can get in stock.   Ammo and rebuilding components have become very difficult to obtain, and are also getting premium prices when they become available.  Everything is sold out as soon as it hits the shelves.  Every gun shop and gun maker in America is booming; selling everything they can get, as fast as they can get it.

November, 2008 - bad news ahead; our new socialist President is going to make the Klinton gang look like Barry Goldwater by comparison.  Within hours of the election, the Obama transition team has announced its planned attacks on the Second Amendment

All of America is now on a guns & ammo buying spree - the rest of the economy may not be doing well, but guns and ammo are selling in record numbers, especially all the things we learned from the Klinton bans that will be the first to be banned under Obama.  Every gun shop in the US is doing record volumes.  One gun shop owner told me he'd sold more "black guns" in the 4 days since the election than in the previous 4 MONTHS.  In the hour I was in his shop, I saw 2 ARs and an AK, plus lots of other stuff, get sold. Every gun & ammo supplier I know of is sold out. One major ammo supplier suspended new orders because he was 4,000 orders behind in the week after the election. 

See my Obama page for more details on what will probably be our most anti-gun president ever. 



Bill Clinton, and now Barak Obama - world's greatest gun salesmen;  read interesting insight here:

Read the whole thread for more insights on what even the whisper of a BAN does to sales.  Everything said back in 2008 is doubly true now in 2013.  Numbskull liberals just don't get it.  


SHOOTING - but not hunting; I don't kill things, except maybe flies & mosquitos if they bother me too much.  I got my first rifle when I was about 5.  I grew up with a 100 yd rifle range on our lawn.  I'm now particularly interested in long-range precision shooting, which I learned in Scout/Sniper training in the US Marine Corps.    With all the terrorism going on now, if I could get back into the military at my "advanced age", especially if could get deployed as a sniper, I'd go in a heartbeat.  I looked into it after 9/11, but the recruiter had no interest at all in being helpful.  I think it's because they don't have "prior service" quotas, so they never want to put any effort into prior service people.

I also like to shoot at spinning metal targets and doing "bowling pin shoots".  Binary explosive targets from Tannerite are especially cool.

Click on the logos to go to sites that support the rights given to us by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution:

  Patron Life Member of National Rifle Association


  Life Member of Gun Owners of America.  Uncompromising defense of our Second Amendment rights.


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  Member of the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association, dedicated to the sporting uses of the .50 BMG.   There is plenty of good information about the BMG on their web site.   Here is a beautiful benchrest .50 cal that took 13 months to get built.  Unfortunately, I had to sell it at a substantial loss, without ever firing it.   If you're interested in the Big 50, HERE is a link with lots of good info.   Read about why you should avoid HOLLYWOOD ENGINEERING


  While Jews are often (correctly) stereotyped as being anti-gun liberals, the folks at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership have their heads screwed on right.  As their motto says, they are "America's Most Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership".


  I took a benchrest school in June of 2002, and ordered a custom 6PPC benchrest rifle from Bud Welsh Custom Gunsmithing that I got in August.  I flew a rental plane out to Corning, NY, and competed in my first match with my new BR rifle in August.  I had to scramble to keep up, and I missed one relay, but I learned a lot and had a great time with it.  More details & pics later.  See also  Here's some advice I had gotten from several sources and foolishly ignored;  and now I pass on to you from my own experiences - "be very wary when dealing with Bruno's".


  Where the best snipers come from


Sniper's Paradise - another sniper, tactical, training, night vision site

Check out Bison Ballistics - your source for high quality information for the precision shooter.   They have the articles, free downloads, and a ballistics calculator.

my experience with  HSM AMMO

get your bulk ammo HERE or HERE



Biggerhammer - all about the sporting uses of the .50 cal BMG cartridge.  It used to be quite busy in the early 2000s, now nearly defunct.  I don't know where everyone went - maybe

Sturmgewehr - discussion of semi-auto and NFA firearms.  The guy who runs it, Buddy, is a MAJOR control freak, but there are lots of good people and discussions there, as well as NFA and semi-auto market boards.

Subguns - Tom Bowers' excellent series of ad and message boards for semi-auto and NFA firearms.

Sniper Country  - I used to hang out here a lot in the late 90s, but I really don't care for the physical format.  It's all subjects and threads run together in one serial string.  Good folks, though. - all about the AR-15, M-16, and variants, as well as most other gun topics, too, including night vision forum.  It's grown very large.  Very strict rules and heavy-handed moderators, though - break any of the myriad of unpublished and non-intuitive rules, and you'll be banned without warning.

Night Vision Mall - another night vision forum

Graybeard Outdoors - several forums, including Black Powder Cannons




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