BHUPENDRA YADUVANSHI - doing business under numerous fronts - GrayCell, GrayCell America, GreyCell America,  GreyCell Consulting, GrayCell Consulting, ERA Consulting Group, West Coast Consulting, LLC. 

GreyCell, NY - aka GrayCell, aka GrayCell America, aka GreyCell America, aka GreyCell Consulting, aka GrayCell Consulting.  Claims to have 200 consultants in 5 offices, but it's really just one con man,  Bhupendra Yaduvanshi,  and, aka Bhupen Yaduvanshi, who hires consultants, but then doesn't want to pay them.  After doing some work for him at a client on Long Island in July, 2003, I called his cellphone, (516) 721-1299, because he hadn't paid me the money he owed me.  His only response was to say "Fuck you" and hang up on me.  Some of his other numbers are (516) 390-7200 and (516) 390-7205.     Further research into his activities showed he'd previously been cited for failing to pay numerous people who had done consulting for him.   See HERE for details. 

ERA Consulting Group, NJ, NY - appears to be another front for GrayCell/Greycell, or vice-versa.   Bhupendra Yaduvanshi was also CITED for failure to pay 8 other people.  See details HERE.  And who knows how many others he has cheated without being cited?  It appears that, after cheating people as ERA, he then switched names to GreyCell/GrayCell. 

West Coast Consulting, LLC, CA, NY - a reader pointed out to me that this is yet another of the many false fronts of Bhupendra Yaduvanshi.  I believe this reincarnation came after GrayCell/GreyCell.


More reincarnations of Bhupendra Yaduvanshi:

Sept 25, 2007 - Another reader sent me this additional information about Bhupendra Yaduvanshi:  "Bhupendra Yaduvanshi is now the owner of the Holiday Inn Express in Plainfield CT.  As soon as he took ownership, he fired the hotel's manager, who was there since the hotel opened and ran the hotel when it received the Torch Bearer award two years running.  Why would he fire someone who brings this sort of excellence to his own establishment?  The employees are still wondering the same thing.  It doesn't seem he makes very good business decisions.  He cuts corners wherever he can and puts himself before the hotel's patrons (and they've noticed).  It seems this once great hotel may lose its prestige."

January 17, 2008 - yet another reader sent me the following info about the stellar character of Bhupendra Yaduvanshi:  "I have a information for you on Bhupendra Yaduvanshi.  He recently bought one more hotel; Comfort Inn and Suites in Meriden, CT, which is a new property and going in loss.  Also he is running away from consulting now and trying to establish himself into hotel business.  He has found a new sector to bluff people now.  His employees are fed up of him and he doesn't pays them what they agrees on.  You should definitely add on this to your site.  He is seriously a bluff whether in professional or personal life."

Well, these reports sure sound just like the Bhupendra Yaduvanshi I knew; someone who likes to cheat those who work for him.

May 1, 2008 - I got a call from Niki Yaduvanshi (aka Nikita Yaduvanshi), Bhupendra's wife, (917) 649-2065, pretending that she'd reached a "wrong number".  Further investigation on my part revealed her call was immediately after she'd visited this page after doing Google searches for "Bhupendra Yaduvanshi" and "Brian Meyette".  When queried, she denied all of it, claimed she was calling someone else, and denied knowing anyone named Bhupendra.  Apparently the whole family bases their lives on lying, stealing, and deception.  Really nice people.

April 24, 2009 - a reader pointed out THIS LINK to me - yet more people cheated by Bhupendra Yaduvanshi and West Coast Consulting LLC.

April 27, 2009 - another reader contacted me about a con being perpetuated on his company by Bhupendra's wife, Niki.

January 21, 2010 - another reader contacted me about the pleasures of working at Bhupendra's "Hotel Hell"

June, 2012 - people working for Bhupendra Yaduvanshi continue to contact me about his shady business dealings and cheating people who work for him.  There were a couple last year, and a couple this year.   Apparently he's given up scamming people in the consulting business and now focuses his abuses on hotel employees.  His employees tell me Bhupendra likes to bring in Indians to work in his hotels because they're less likely to complain about labor abuses.  They tell me of him working people 7 days a week without overtime, falsifying and altering timecards, people working under tourist visas, etc.

July, 2013 - a reader pointed out to me that Bhupen Yaduvanshi is still presenting himself as a software consultant on LinkedIn, and that a LinkedIn account for Nikita Yaduvanshi has now changed to Nikita Desai.  Remarried or just getting away from the notorious Yaduvanshi name?   Both accounts list the infamous Graycell as experience.


Email me  with details of any unsatisfactory dealings you have had with him.