October, 2006 fuselage work

Oct 17 - Way back in July, 2004, I accidentally drilled into my fuel tank vent lines when I was drilling out skin rivet holes for the forward top skin.  I had removed the lines a long time ago, and I finally got around to redoing those 2 lines.  I did the RT one first, and it went fine.   For the LT one, I thought I could just splice in a short section to replace the section with the holes.   But after I started to do it, I realized I'd need several AN fittings I didn't have, and it would end up costing me about $50, plus a week waiting, for parts and shipping to get the AN fittings.  So, I just redid the entire LT side, too.  On the LT side, I had to do a bunch of fiddling around to get the vent line to clear all the current and projected wiring I have been doing in that area, plus be able to clear the removable electrics tray there.  4.0 hr

Oct 18 - torque AN nuts and secure Adel clamps for fuel tank vent lines.  I've also been emailing Ross at Experimental Air and Bryan at Xtreme Products about details on the console I am about to order.  I will have to get a fuel valve control extension from Andair for it, so I've been in email contact with Andair about that.  Andair's responsiveness has been good this time around.  It was very poor the last time I contacted them.   1.0 hr

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