ENGINE WORK  December, 2007

Dec 6 - I read on the Eggenfellner list that they no longer recommend the fuel pumps auto fail over arrangement.  I had ditched that idea way back at the beginning, and went to simple ON-OFF locking toggle switches instead.  They now recommend a procedure with "both pumps on during takeoff and landing, and one pump on in flight when reaching a safe altitude".

Dec 9 - Eggenfellner announces that the Gen 3 PSRU units have been delayed and claims new ship date of Jan 15, 2008

Dec 11 - looking into what it's going to take to do the Van's SB on the nose gear leg.  While some with a Lycoming engine frame report it's easy, with my Eggenfellner engine frame, it's going to be a HUGE job.  The engine frame will have to be pulled back off the firewall, then it would be a tough job to try to remove that nose gear bolt I drove in with a 6x gun.  Very depressing to think about.  I plan to try to modify the gear leg in place.  See VAF threads about it here and here.  There's also a thread about it on Eggenfellner's Yahoo Group.

Dec 12 - a month or so ago, I rejoined Eggenfellner's Yahoo group, so I wouldn't miss any important info, like the conversation about the Van's nose gear leg SB.   I had quit the list early in the year, because Jan Eggenfellner had sent me another of his threatening emails after I helped someone by answering that person's question and pointing him to a page on my web site for expanded details about my answer to his question.  And this was back in March, before things really deteriorated between Jan and us STi owners in May.  Eggenfellner has finally completely abandoned their "automated failover" electrical and fuel wiring systems, as well as reliance on the EXP-BUS, but of course they have produced no alternative drawings.  I had dumped those concepts from the beginning, and made my own simplified wiring diagrams.   I replied to someone's query about the wiring diagrams today, and directed him to my wiring diagrams page.   My reply never came out, though.  Eggenfellner apparently deleted that message, as well as another even more innocuous one answering someone's direct question to me about complying with the Van's nose gear leg SB.  How childish can he get?   So, I sent the wiring diagrams info directly to the person who'd made the query.  I'll just reply to individuals on his list from now on, rather than to the list. 

Dec 18 - Robert Paisley announced his greatest cooling achievement on his H6 RV-7.  He's using Eggenfellner's new radiators for the H6, much bigger than those provided by Eggenfellner with our STi engines.  I had asked Eggenfellner months ago about getting those radiators for my STi, but ran into total indifference from them about it.  One of Robert's pics also shows his cowl flap, and I have numerous detailed pictures of his cowl flap arrangement.  I also queried Robert about his new Subaru ECM, designed for use in aircraft.  He says he's got the H6 ECMs out on the market now, but it'll be a few months before the 4 cylinder ones are ready.  If the 4 cylinder ECMs are anything like his STi throttle & wastegate control product, it will never be released.  No idea on pricing.   Regardless of price, swapping out my wiring harness seems like a HUGE job I am not willing to undertake.   It seems that, with everything associated with this engine, I move forward a few steps, then back a couple to deal with all the huge holes in the design.


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