ENGINE WORK  July, 2008

July 6 -  finished removing Eggenfellner wiring harness.  3.0 hr

  Here is the Eggenfellner wiring harness completely removed.  Also removed are ECU, throttle body, intake manifold, supercharger, SC pulley, intercooler, and everything connected to them.  I'm still going to have to remove and redo the entire throttle and wastegate control.  Randy & I expect to be placing our orders for the SDS system very soon.

July 15 - removed firewall eyeball for wastegate control cable.  It was difficult and I mangled the outside of it getting it off with a couple water pump pliers.  When I installed it, I was not expecting to be removing it, so I had used plenty of Loctite on the threads.  Removed throttle control and wastegate control from quadrant.  Cut outer tooth ring off supercharger pulley, in prep for getting a new larger one.  2.0 hr

July 16 - cut outer teeth ring off supercharger pulley.  Cut enough off inner supercharger hub to get a puller onto it.  Applied puller to hub, but it won't budge.  Asked John Moody for suggestions.  1.0 hr

  Here is the outer tooth ring cut off the SC pulley.  I used a Dremel cutoff wheel to cut lengthwise down one of the belt teeth grooves, then popped it open with a large screwdriver placed between the teeth & twisted.


  Then I cut around the circumference of the remaining hub, to give me enough clearance to get a puller onto it.  Even with cranking hard on the puller, I can't get it to budge.  I'll see what John Moody says before proceeding further.

July 18 - Decided to try a little heat on the pulley.  It came off rather hard, but it came off.  0.5 hr

  By carefully applying a LITTLE heat (hot, but not too hot to touch outer rim of pulley), I was able to pull the pulley off.  After miking it, I found it's a 0.002" interference fit.  You can see the slightly flattened sides of the pulley, where the puller arms were - it took a lot of force to pull the pulley off.  Unfortunately, the shaft is nominally 20mm (0.7874"), but actually measures about 0.7795.  The Fenner Drives keyless bushing I plan to use with it has a spec of +- 0.003".  I'll have to look into that.

July 19 - cut excess material off TB.  Holes in TB don't match up exactly with intake manifold.  Milled 2 holes inboard & up a bit so all 4 bolts fit smoothly.  Start laying out 1/4" spacer plate.  1.5 hr

  This is the 1/4" spacer I made, so the new Throttle Body (TB) is the same depth as the old one.  The 5th small hole in it was already there in the scrap piece of aluminum plate I used for this, and won't affect anything here.  I've also cut the excess material off the bottom and 1 side of the TB.


  I removed most of the arms, springs, etc from the new TB.  I reversed the outer arm and removed the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).  The TPS was providing the small amount of throttle return spring after removing all the outer springs.  Not sure now if I'm going to be using the TPS or not.  At the bottom and upper RT, you can see where I cut excess material off the casting.

July 20 - fabricate TB spacer plate.  Chase intake manifold threads for smoother bolt action (M6 x 1.0) (bolts are 50mm).  Set up TB for cable actuator.  Removed TB TPS & other extraneous parts.  Rearranged two of the stock TB arms - one for idle stop/adjustment, and one for throttle cable mount.  Existing bracket was already at a perfect angle for what I want - I just had to straighten it out.  Worked on throttle arm and laying out throttle mount.  8.5 hr

  Here I flattened the outer bracket to provide a place to connect the Bowden cable.  I need to retain the inner bracket, as it provides the idle stop and idle speed adjustment (the little screw in the foreground).  I do plan to cut off the upper arm on that bracket, as it isn't doing anything now.  Note how you can see in the upper RT hole that I had to slightly alter the 2 upper holes up & inboard so they matched the holes in the intake manifold.


  This is the throttle control setup I am currently laying out.  The TB spacer is mounted in place.  To keep everything as low as possible, the Bowden cable nut will be held by a 3/16" plate welded into the recess between the intake port runners (where the lines cross).  Hard to see, but there is a little gray plate laying in the middle of the flat part on top of the intake manifold.  That's the pattern I am slowly creating for the plate to be welded onto the manifold.  The recess between the 2 runners is the perfect distance from the throttle control arm, and it will let me mount the retaining nut as low as possible; partially down in the recess.

July 21 - fine-tuned fit of throttle cable clamp mount to intake manifold.  Prepped for welding.  3.0 hr

  This is the final mount bracket, done in 3/16" 6061T6.  First, I made a cardboard pattern, then a thin sheet metal one.  If anyone is doing this and wants to borrow the sheet metal pattern, let me know.


  And this is how it will all mount after welding.  The cable end just clears the top of the intake manifold, and the cable clamp is half recessed into the space between the two intake runners.

July 22 - talked to Ross Franham & ordered the SDS ECU engine computer system.  Ross was very helpful in getting my order put together.  Talked to people at Fenner Drives about the Trantorque bushing I'll need for my new SC pulley.  Took manifold to welding shop.  Re-measured SC output shaft diameter with several micrometers and got 0.7815" this time.  The discrepancy between that and the first time I measured it was apparently caused by an small burr on the end of the digital calipers I used previously, so I removed the burr.  It's still  0.003" under the tolerance for the Trantorque bushing.

July 23 - Talked to Fenner Drives tech again about tolerances.  Ordered Fenner Trantorque bushing from McMaster-Carr (part number 2298k19).  Ordered throttle cable  and related parts from ACS.  Used LT-hand drill bit to remove the plastic thread protector from inside the SC output shaft.  It's a M8-1.25 thread.   0.25 hr

July 25 - My childhood best pal, George Ward, is in NH for the summer.  He and I loaded up the RV onto the snowmobile trailer and drove it over to the hangar.  As George said, if this was the old days, we would have just hooked a rope to it and towed it over there!  Anyway, that whole process went smooth as silk.  Also received my SDS ECU; quick service from Ross.  Also picked up my welded intake manifold from the welding shop; it looks great.

  Here's the intake manifold, back from the welding shop.  The Bowden cable fits perfectly, just clearing the top of the intake runners.


  Me 'n George dragging the RV up the snowmobile trailer with a come-along hooked to the van's roof rack and a rock climbing sling on the lower nose gear leg..


  The RV is all loaded on the trailer and secured.  The wheels chocks are double-height and screwed to the deck, and we used motorcycle tiedowns between the trailer frame rails and the wing mount bolts.  The nose is held down by another motorcycle tiedown to the front trailer frame.  It all went very smoothly, and the RV rode the 25 miles or so without any problems.  I was surprised that we seemed to get almost no odd looks or double-takes as we traveled.  On the way to the airport, we went by a shooting range.  When George heard a gunshot, he was quite startled, thinking something on the trailer had let go.

July 26 - Received my Fenner Trantorque bushing from McMaster-Carr.  It seems a bit loose on the SC output shaft, but it's hard to tell until I get the new sprocket installed over it to prevent it from expanding.  If it is still too loose after getting the pulley, I will put shim stock between the bushing and the shaft.  Fenner support said that would be OK.

July 27 - measured supercharger, pulley, and Trantorque bushing.  Revised John Moody's SC pulley specs a bit to fit my situation.  Worked to 0200 in TurboCAD, making a new drawing.  3.5 hr

July 28 - received ACS order of cable parts.  Exchanged some emails with John Moody on pulley details.   Fine-tuned TurboCAD drawing for the pulley.  Packed up lots of tools & parts to take to hangar, now that the RV is there.  Opened up & looked over the well-packed SDS order.  I'll get started installing that right away.  1.0 hr

July 29 - laid out & drilled #30 holes in crankshaft pulley, for the SDS engine computer system sensor magnets.  Installed magnets in pulley with epoxy as per SDS instructions.  2.0 hr

  The pulley magnet mounting template supplied by Racetech (SDS) made installing the sensor magnets "Simple".


  Pulley drilled to #30,  cleaned, and the SDS magnets epoxied into place.  These little magnets are about 1/8" diameter and about 3/16" long, and are surprisingly powerful.    Next, I will send this pulley out for balancing, as I'm sure Eggenfellner never bothered to do after adding all that supercharger drive mass to the outside of the standard crank pulley.

July 31 - Ordered new custom supercharger sprocket from Motion Systems in MI.   THIS is the spec I sent them.   $272 and 3-4 weeks to get it.   I got too busy today to call a couple area balancing shops, so I'll do that tomorrow.