ENGINE WORK  March, 2009


Mar 2 - received results of Ross Farnham's radiator cooling tests.   As predicted, the ones supplied by Eggenfellner were the second worst for heat rejection per unit area and the worst for heat rejection vs. pressure drop.  Mac's was the clear winner in both categories, so Randy & I immediately decided to order the Mac's radiators.   The responsiveness from Ron Davis Racing/Ron Davis Custom Radiators has been horrible.  I'd never go back to them.  Their sales guy, Bill Williamson, never replied to emails, never returned calls, repeatedly promised to get moving on the order and never did a single thing on it  Called Sam at Mac's and left a message that we want to get the radiators on order. 

Mar 3 - talked to Sam at Mac's Radiators & got the radiators ordered.  No deposit needed.   Should have them within 3 weeks.  Great!  Still no callback from Bill at Ron Davis.    

Mar 5 - brief dubbing with more securing of engine harness   0.25 hr

Mar 6 - more engine harness securing, started working on throttle cable.   Look into better securing SDS crank sensor wiring, after reading on subenews about many people (all H6-?) having alternator belt or alternator mount hardware failures.  4.5 hr

Mar 12 - mailed a letter to Ron Davis at Ron Davis Racing Products, expressing my displeasure with dealing with his company.   Still trying to decide exactly what size inlet air for supercharger.

Mar 17 - finally got off my butt, came to a decision on air inlet size (2.5"), and got parts ordered for new coolant lines for new radiators, new supercharger intake parts, and throttle and wastegate control cable parts.  Got a call from Ron Davis about my letter to him.  He apologized for them dropping the ball & said things at his company don't usually run like that.  I appreciated his call & concern, and told him I'd keep him in mind next time I need something like that.

March 29 - while gone on vacation, received orders from ACS and Verocious for new radiator coolant plumbing & intake air plumbing.  The aluminum tubing looks a bit heavier than what I need.

March 30 - ordered some more, lighter, aluminum tubing from ACS.  Talked to Sam at Mac's Radiators.  My radiators were ready last week while I was on vacation, but my parents forgot to tell me Sam had called.  Gave Sam the shipping & payment info, and he's shipping them today.   Randy already has his radiators.

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