ENGINE WORK  May, 2008

May 10 - An Eggenfellner H6 owner announces he's selling his plane, due to "insurmountable problems, trials, and tribulations with the Egg factory".

May 14 - We STi owners continue to search for a manual throttle body so we can use the SDS ECU.  John Moody in Australia is being especially helpful to all of us in finding a solution.  After looking into various aftermarket ECUs, the SDS continues to look like the best option.  One of the reasons Randy took his engine down and started taking it apart was that he found out he had an intake manifold leak.  Not only are these intake manifolds (supplied by Eggenfellner Aircraft) crudely cast, with much more material and weight than needed, they also are apparently not even machined correctly.  Another STi owner, after taking his manifold off to remove the Eggenfellner wiring harness, found that the gasket around one cylinder had barely been compressed so he will have to get the manifold machined flat. This appears to be a systematic defect with these manifolds.

May 23 - Between the distractions of getting, flying, and tweaking my Challenger II, and starting to move all my RV parts and tools to the hangar and set it up, I haven't done anything on the RV.  I really should work on the panel, as I have gotten my interconnections doc about ready to start moving forward on wiring the panel.

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