ENGINE WORK  November, 2007

Nov 7 - worked on removing Gen 2 PSRU to send back to Eggenfellner.  I've already paid for the Gen 3, a source of great irritation in itself, but Eggenfellner is making life more difficult for everyone by requiring us to remove the Gen 2 and send it back before they will send us the new Gen 3.  This is extremely expensive for the guys outside the USA.  Of course, like the rest of the "upgrades", removing the Gen 2 PSRU was required by Eggenfellner, but Eggenfellner supplied no INSTRUCTIONS about any of it, so that made it a bit more challenging to figure out just what had to be removed to get the PSRU off.  I've got all the 11 nuts off, but it still won't come off.  I've pried on it until I was sure I was going the break the pry tabs off, and pounded the hell out of it with a big rubber hammer, but it won't come off.     1.75 hr

  Here is the Gen 2 PSRU, with the 11 perimeter nuts removed.  It won't budge, though.

Nov 8 - sent email to STi customer list, to find out how to finish getting PSRU off.    I tried pulling the big nut off the prop hub, but the PSRU still won't come off.  I tried using a puller on the prop hub, but that wouldn't budge, either.  Hopefully, I will get some suggestions from other users on what's needed.

Nov 9 - I got an email from Gary Newsted with the instructions PDF, and John Moody also emailed me that there is one more nut, that isn't intuitive, which also needs to come off

Nov 11 - removed that additional nut mentioned in the PDF and by John, and the PSRU came right off OK.   Packed it up to ship back to Eggenfellner.  I also had to grind away part of the engine mount plate to remove a splined plate that also has to go back to Eggenfellner.  I also had to grind a slot in the engine mount plate to remove the long 12th bolt mentioned above.   Apparently it must have been an afterthought when Eggenfellner went from Gen 1 to Gen 2 on the PSRU.  It is no longer needed for Gen 3.  2.25 hr

  The vise-grips are clamped to that long 12th bolt at 9 o'clock that needs the nut removed.   The bolt isn't captured, like all the others, so it has to be held with the vise-grips while the nut is removed.


  Here, you can see the 11 captured perimeter studs.  After getting the PSRU out, I had to grind a slot (at the left side of the engine frame opening) to remove the no-longer-used long 12th bolt.  In order to remove the spline plate attached to the flywheel, I had to grind a semi-circular cutout at the top of the frame opening.  Even with a very aggressive rotary file cutter, this took a lot of cutting.  Karla helped out by holding the nozzles to 2 shop vacs near where I was cutting away the aluminum.  This kept the filings from flying all over and into the flywheel.  Both of these steps were covered in the removal/installation PDF I got from Gary Newsted.

Nov 24 - There has been a lot of chatter on the 'net lately about the RV-10 fatal crash in PA.  The plane had an Eggenfellner 6 cylinder with turbo, and there were "issues".   THIS is a post from one of the RV lists about it.

Nov 26 - I haven't done anything on the plane, sad to say.  Randy Crothers reports that his second Gen 2 PSRU just came apart.  Apparently, the lifespan on them is about 25 hours.   He does not recommend flying behind a Gen 2 PSRU at all.  We're all waiting for our Gen 3 upgrades.  Randy's plane was flying, but now it's down, waiting for the Gen 3 PSRU.  Eggenfellner has claimed Gen 3 delivery by the end of the year, but I am not holding my breath, based on previous experiences.  Carsten has pulled his STi engine and shipped it to Eggenfellner in Florida for the whole suite of upgrades.   That must have been quite time-consuming and expensive!  Jim Skala has pulled his STi and replaced it with a Lycoming.

Nov 29 - more reports on Eggenfellner list about Gen 2 PSRU early failures.  HERE is the website of yet another disgruntled customer.

Very little accomplished.  Perhaps I can do better in DECEMBER, 2007 ENGINE