Nov 8 - Karla & I went over to the hangar to fly the CH2 and run the RV engine under load.  It turned out I needed to get some more temporary rubber fuel line to run the RV with the fuel can inside, so we didn't run it.   We did install the canopy, however.  I also cleaned up the workbench.   2.0 hr

  Here's a picture of the plane with the canopy installed.    We had our November EAA 740 meeting at the hangar a few days after Karla & I installed the canopy, and these are some of our members. 

Nov 19 - worked awhile making -5 5/16" temporary fuel line for RT side of engine, so I could do another engine run with fuel can in passenger seat.  I found out on the last run that I can't have it sitting outside on a milk crate, as I used to do when running it inside the hangar, because the prop blast blew it over.  0.5 hr

Nov 20 - George Ward came over to the hangar and we pushed the planes out and I ran the engine about 1/2 hour.  I didn't seem to be getting full power, but I later found out full coarse pitch is only meant to be used at high airspeed, so I just had it geared way too high and no problem.  Engine and gearbox ran quite cool (upper 40s OAT)  1.0 hr

The whole month has been unseasonably mild  

Motivation on this project continues to slowly slip.   I've been reading about the RV-12 and I'd trade this thing for a flying 12 in a heartbeat.  I probably couldn't even get 50 cents on the dollar to try to sell it.   OTOH, I have done over 70 flights so far this year in my Challenger II, and it's been a real blast.  It's been very mild weather for November -- only a few days that were even below freezing.   Even on the days that I've been at the hangar, I haven't gotten motivated to work on the RV.

I'm trying to work on the wiring for December.