ENGINE WORK  October, 2007

Oct 10 -  as mentioned earlier this summer, some of the H6 customers are having the same inadequate cooling problems and hard starting problems the STi customers are having.  They even started a separate Yahoo group for the H6 orphans to help each other solve the problems, as they are getting such poor support from Eggenfellner.  Apparently, Jan is ignoring their issues as he did with the STi problems.

Oct 24 - Received new SC sprocket from Motion Industries, custom made to John Moody's specs.  I will forward it to John ASAP.  Here are a couple pictures of it.

  Here's the new sprocket, after waiting about a month for it.  I ordered it for John Moody because he was getting such a hard time from US companies about shipping it to Australia.  John had to design this himself, as Eggenfellner refused to provide any info or assistance to us STi customers regarding getting this swapped out for one with a proper number of teeth.


  This is the new sprocket held in place beside the old one.  Now, I'll send this off to John and see how it goes for him.

Oct 26 - Received email from Eggenfellner.  They want money now for claimed delivery of Gen 3 PSRU in 2 months.  They also want the Gen 2 PSRU returned to them in advance.  Sent check to Eggenfellner.  Shipped SC pulley to John Moody.

Oct 30 - Jim Skala's ebay auction for his STi engine ended on the 27th with no bidders, even though Jim had started the bidding at half what we paid for these things.  What a bummer!  It certainly proves we're all stuck with these engines.