ENGINE WORK  September, 2007

Sept 1 - Jim Skala finally bites the bullet, and starts trying to sell his STi engine and distance himself from this disaster.  Randy Crothers continues to sort out his issues, especially with poor cooling and hard starting.  Randy has added the "primer" kluge to his wiring.  Other STi customers continue to report infuriating interactions with Eggenfellner and his attitude and excuses.  I deal with that issue by having as little interaction with Eggenfellner as possible.   As far as I am concerned, we STi customers are totally on our own to sort out all the many major Eggenfellner design flaws.  Clean up bench, test linear actuator.  1.0 hr

Sept 27 - Jim Skala hasn't sold his STi engine yet, but he is definitely getting rid of it.  He's already ordered a Lycoming engine and mount.  He expects to get it in a couple weeks.  Best of luck to him.  I sure wish now I'd gone Lycoming, as probably do most Eggenfellner STi customers.  Randy continues working on his problems.  He is reporting less overheating with his new Gen 3 PSRU.  Not sure if it's the PSRU or the more broken-in engine, but it isn't overheating as badly for him.  I worked with John Moody to get a new supercharger sprocket on order.

Sept 29 - Gary Newsted confirms my Gen 3 PSRU order:  Everyone on the G3 waiting list will be notified approx two weeks prior to availability of the gearboxes.   We are expecting to have them done by the end of the year.

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